10 Companies That Serve Good Food To Their Employees And Why They Do It

You’ve most likely heard about Google and Facebook offering free food to their employees. And admit it or not — it is a perk that most people who aren’t working in such company get envious about.

In recent years, more companies are now joining this trend and tapping lunch catering DC services to assist them in their quest of giving good food to their staff and employees.

Why Companies Serve Good Food

It fosters loyalty to the company. An employee who gets a perk as cool and beneficial as free food will most likely choose to keep working in his or her firm.

It boosts your employees’ morale. Knowing that the management looks after the welfare of their employees, hiring lunch catering DC services is one way to help boost your workers’ morale.

It improves your company’s teamwork. Most employees avail free meals by team or by group. Consuming free food makes for an experience that cultivates an inclusive culture.

Top 10 Companies with Free Food Benefits

From using their own resources to getting help from third-party firms like lunch catering DC services, there are different ways firms provide free food to their employees. Check out these 10 firms who are known for incentivizing their workers with awesome and enticing food benefits:


Tech giant Google offers free meals thrice a day. Ultimately making sure their employees remain healthy, their snack rooms are also regularly supplied with fruits and organic dairy.


The social media powerhouse has a dedicated culinary team tasked to prepare three meals per day for each of their employees. Apart from that, the Facebook campus is inclusive of a salad resto, a juice bar, a BBQ shack, and more.


Twitter is another social media firm that includes free meals to its roster of employee benefits. Besides the main dishes, they also offer healthy snacks.


Creating a unique meal experience for its employees, San Francisco-based Airbnb holds a daily company-wide lunchtime where employees “gather around” a huge kitchen.


When you work for Starbucks, you have access to free coffee or tea during your shift, as well as 30 minutes before or after your work-time. When not on duty, you can also avail 30 percent discount on a wide range of products.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is known for having a cafeteria that offers free meals, drinks, and snacks. Their meal choices are also guaranteed to be healthy and nutritious.


Want to be an Evernote employee? One of the many benefits you can get from this note-taking app firm is free food (e.g. Breakfast pastries every Monday, bagels on Fridays).

Trader Joe’s

Having a 10 percent discount for its employees is one great benefit provided by Trader Joe’s. This popular grocery store also gives free samples to its workers on a daily basis.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market gives employees 20 percent off storewide. And if you’re a healthy person (granted you meet their criteria), you can avail a higher discount.

Ben and Jerry’s

Got a sweet tooth? Your cravings will surely be satisfied at Ben and Jerry’s as they offer free 3 pints of ice cream to their employees every day.

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